• 100% Luxurious Virgin Hair 
  • Colour #1b
  • Individual Bundle


Mulanshair Tip:

The Longer the Bundle the Smaller the weft, HOWEVER all bundles stills weigh the same.



 If you’d like a more fuller look than any of the images above it is recommended that you purchase a 4th bundle.


  • All Frontals from the Mulanshair Collection are made from 100% human hair, and they are hand-tied to the lace/mesh. Frontals are extremely fragile you must treat with extra care. 
    Shedding is normal and should be expected.

    The purpose of the frontal is to protect your hair from damage while providing maximum versatility however Frontals are very high maintenance and can often lead to shedding.

    Questions often asked: 

    1. Will my frontal look natural?
    That is the ultimate goal. It will require tweaking to look the slightest bit natural (bleaching, tweezing, tinting, trimming, etc.), and it will require WEEKLY maintenance/upkeep.


    Once you’ve purchased A Frontal from the collection and you are happy with it, then have had a stylist or yourself work on it it with chemicals etc and then installed, unfortunately the Frontals outcome will 100% under no circumstance be in the responsibility of the Mulanshair Collection. 
    This is because your frontal could have been over processed with chemicals or over customised and this can definitely lead to very heavy shedding. In this very rare case you’ll need to discuss this situation with your stylist.
    I highly recommend the least customisation as possible so your frontal will not shed as much and can last long as well as give you a natural finishing look, this is the method used for my personal clients. 


    There are some tips and tricks you can use, to minimize shedding and make your frontal last longer and appear fuller. With proper maintenance and care, your frontal will look like new for years to come.

    Tip #1: Use Knot Sealer (Top Loc Knot Sealer) to seal in knots in your frontal. This comes in a spray bottle and is easy to apply. Simply turn the frontal inside out and spray the sealer on the mesh or lace. Allow it to completely dry before wearing. This sealer should be applied after every wash. Make sure that the frontal dries before sealing.

    Tip #2: Don’t scratch your scalp through your lace wig. This can loosen the knots and cause excess shedding, as well as leaving bald patches. Instead, pat your head with your hand. You can also use a tooth comb to get to every area of your head under the lace. If this doesn’t work, remove your wig and wash your natural hair with an anti-itch shampoo. 

    Tip #3: Use a wide toothed comb or cushion brush to style and brush your lace frontal. Start at the bottom and work your way up, holding the hair at the top to avoid pulling at the knots. Be sure to comb your wig thoroughly, but never comb it when it’s wet.

    Tip #4: Avoid using hair care products with high alcohol content. These products can lead to damage, breakage and shedding. Look for specially-formulated products for wigs, or products that are low in alcohol, when applying don’t use to much. If you’re unsure by reading the label, ask your local drug store representative or salon stylist.

    Tip #5: When your Frontal is lifting and you want to re glue it, remove all glue residues from the lace to prevent excess shedding. Letting the residue build up can lead to bald spots.

    Tip #6: When sleeping, wrap a silk or satin scarf around your head. This helps prevent friction, which is a major cause of shedding and tangling.

    Tip #7: If you are someone that likes to add edges to your frontal install, I recommend ‘Nyxon Gel’ as it’s a very light product and easy to work with when applied. Use a tail comb, not any kind of brush / tooth brush. Remember the hairs are very fragile so when slicking the edges don’t use too much hair and don’t apply too much pressure as this could lead to the front of your frontal becoming bold quicker.


    - Don’t cut wefts unless necessary and MUST be done by a professional 

    - Always comb hair from tip of the bundle to the root gently 

    - Shampoo & condition hair at least once a month 

    ( Tresseme products are what we reccomend for great results.) 

    - Don’t use too much products in hair eg: oils, sprays ect. 

    (We reccomded  using IC heat protectant spray). 

    - Only have your bundles coloured by a PROFESSIONAL. 

    Please remember this is 100% human hair so it needs care & attention as if it was your own hair. So please follow these tips carefully.